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With 20+ years as a senior executive, coach, and author, HL Arledge regularly shares his insights and perspectives with corporate and conference audiences.

In keynote presentations and leadership workshops, HL brings a passionate style to the stage as he talks about what it takes to excel as a leader in today’s competitive business environment. Described by clients as thought-provoking, inspiring, and funny, HL offers practical advice and ideas as he challenges both leaders and teams to take their game to a new level.

In his presentations, HL calls on his experience in working with top leaders in some of the leading companies around the world, and engages the audience in a highly interactive session about what they can do to enhance their organizations and careers.
Over a thirty year period, he has owned three newspapers and two software companies. He has worked as a carpenter, an actor, cartoonist, scaffold builder, hypnotist, computer programmer, graphic designer, radio announcer, television newscaster, stand-up comic, photographer, store clerk, and water meter reader—so he has some interesting stories to tell.

When his latest book—Lead, Follow, or Get Fired! 9 Steps to Unstoppable Teams—was published in 2012, HL was into his 12th year at Decade Software Company, where he served as a department manager and the company’s Chief Communications Officer.

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