Monday, August 3, 2009

Did you miss me?

With all of this tweeting and twittering going on, you would think blogging would be losing popularity, but seldom does a week go by that someone doesn’t ask about my blog.

That said, I’m committing to blogging at least three days a week from now on.

…but I owe you an explanation, as to why I haven’t been doing so.

Because of the wild success of EnvisionConnect—due largely to the success of my own team—we’re really, really busy these days.

Presently, I am assisting with the launch of an all-new Decade Software user community, planning our 2009 training conference, and governing the launch of EnvisionConnect 4.0—our most anticipated release ever.

We’ll look at the details as the weeks progress, but in the meantime, I’m begging for your patience. I’m a really busy guy.

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