Friday, March 20, 2009

It’s not really Friday, is it?

This has been a busy week, but its the start of one of our best sprints ever.

We are overhauling sections of our flagship software that will knock our users’ socks off, and my team is focused tighter than they have been in a long while.

In the meantime, teams from various departments are working more closely to increase transparency and provide customers with solutions faster.

—and we’re growing! We added two team members in the last 30 days, and we are still interviewing.

More and more potential customers are getting excited about EnvisionConnect, and our newly established Customer Communications Task Force is getting off to a great start.

Great week, but I’m exhausted from all of the excitement, and I’m still happy to see Friday.

[For you youngsters out there, the photo is Sergeant Joe Friday.]

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