Friday, August 7, 2009

Collaborate, support teamwork, or go home!

In an interview this week with John Chambers, CEO of CISCO, they asked him what has changed in business in the last few years. His answer was dead on…

“Big time, the importance of collaboration. Big time, people who have teamwork skills, and their use of technology.

Today’s world requires a different leadership style — more collaboration and teamwork, including using Web 2.0 technologies. If you had told me I’d be video blogging and blogging, I would have said, no way. And yet our 20-something's in the company really pushed me to use that more.

If they’re not collaborative, if they aren’t naturally inclined toward collaboration and teamwork, if they are uncomfortable with using technology to make that happen both within our company and in their own life, they’re probably not going to fit in here.”

That is exactly how I feel about my team.

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