Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hiking to Success at Decade Software

My wife and I took a few vacation days and hiked to the Hollywood Sign, but even the hot sun and aching muscles couldn’t keep my mind off the office.

We’ve got so much going on: business is booming, our biggest release ever is just around the conference, we’re hiring in every department, and our training conference is two months away. Decade Software is truly a company on the brink of jumping from good to great.

That said, I ask myself how we got here.

We got here, the same way a middle-aged overweight man made it to the top of the Hollywood Sign. We navigated the obstacles, the heat, the pitfalls with pure adrenalin and a little something called teamwork.

Decade Software has conquered it’s Hollywood Sign. Now, we’re ready to tackle El Capitan.

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